Welcome to Omkar Services.

As much as we need the love and care of parents in childhood, they also need the same of ours in their old age.

We are here to serve you and your family when you need us the most. We provide personalized care to help you or your loved one at home. Omkar Srvices is the best choice you could make.  We’re a team of professional and committed staff that enhances people’s health at home by providing exceptional care which includes all the assistance required for a patient to recover at home. We bring Healthcare at your convenience. 

Omkar Services provides  many options like choosing the right time, place, medical equipment, etc. We provide all the necessities to help you recover. We support, advise you and are committed to your needs; our patients are our number one priority. 

We provide Expertise Nurses, Aaya and Ward boys for your Old age persons, Abnormal Bedridden, Handicapped, Persons Suffering from Asthma, Alzheimer’s, Paralysis at Hospital and also at Home. Besides, Injecting, Enema, Ladies & Gents for I.V. Application, Anti – Biotic, Dressing, Diabetes Check-up and B.P. Check up etc.

We provide acupressure and Physiotherapy expert with us.

We assist in bathing and dressing and even to get ready for bed. We will accompany our clients to doctor or hospital appointments and much more. We provide Nurses & Aaya care for new Born Child also.

How it works:

Our teams are friendly, reliable and committed to your needs.

Our care manager will contact you and get details about your requirement and bring up a customized plan for you. Our Caregivers deals with the challenging and complex condition and help you in your daily assistance supported by our management team 24/7.

Even childrens or family members shifted to Foreign countries can also look after their old or ill parents residing in mumbai or below mentioned locations by opting our services.

Services will be provided:

  • Churchgate to Dahanu Road.
  • CSTM to Khopoli.
  • CSTM to Kasara.
  • CSTM to Madgaon, Karwar (All parts of Goa) and Manglore.
  • Which Assistance Are Included In Female/Male Attendant Service?


    • Bathing and grooming, dressing
    • Littering and excretory need
    • Exercise
    • Basic meals for the patient
    • Cleaning of the individual patient room

    Appointment reminders

    • Administering medicine
    • Help in locomotion
    • Status reporting to family
    • Safety and fall prevention.